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2013. Crisis? what Crisis ?

At the turn of 2012, at least 4 disruptive events will enable new, fast growing business

Rollout of 4G networks with LTE and SON will bring high-speed, QoS-managed, all-ip mobile internet access to everyone. LTE Spectrum-efficiency combined with SON Network OPEX efficiency has the potential to further reduce the Cost-per-Megabyte for mobile access at least a factor 10, offering the 'always-connected, anytime-anywhere' society to everyone. Network technology is ready to bring change.

The change from connection-oriented protocols (2G) to full-ip packet-oriented protocols (4G) and the rollout of IPv6 with an unlimited range of new ip addresses enable a change from traditional connection-oriented business models to new packet-switching based subscriptions/business models with unlimited always-on connectivity, a factor 10 reduced network load (signalling overhead) and significant reduced power consumption for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications.
The internet of things. New usage scenarios are ready to bring change.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have published the APIs into the Mobile OS, enabling access to e.g. GPS information, Geo-databases (Google earth), sound & vision sensors and Graphical User Interfaces with a quality/resolution exceeding the human ear/eye capabilities. On-demand easy access to all information, for the teenager (multimedia, social networks), the traveler (PIM, maps, latest business news), Public Safety services, remote healthcare, or smart car applications. On your Android Smartphone, Apple Tablet, Wintel Laptop or custom device. Client platforms are ready to bring change.

And finally, our society is ready for change. Ask your kids in case of doubt. We're just at the beginning.